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Thursday, 5 February 2015



Purchasing real estate, either a home, commercial building or a land you may want to consult with a real estate lawyer in order to protect yourself from any unforeseen liabilities that might be attached to the property.

Real estate deals are becoming ever more complex. Increasingly they are cross border, highly structured and involve sophisticated financing arrangements. It is a wise decision if you consult a real estate lawyer    to seek advice on these sorts of transactions with the specialist real estate capability across all product lines, unparalleled reputation in finance and well resourced global network.

Real estate lawyers advise on development and planning, projects and construction, and many other complex matters which needs legal advice corporate occupation, tax, finance, real estate investment fund formation, structuring and joint ventures, and complex real estate mergers and acquisitions.
Below are some of the different areas of focus that real estate attorneys can handle.

Commercial Real Estate Law

Commercial real estate law is a category of real estate law that establishes standards for commercial leases and the purchase and sale of commercial real estate. Commercial lease lawyers who are familiar with commercial lease terms can help you review potential lease contracts and avoid future pitfalls.

Construction Law Disputes
Construction law disputes are common in the construction industry, and many of them revolve around construction delays. Because the debate over delays can be tense and time-consuming, construction dispute mediation can be a great, cheap alternative to litigation. Real estate lawyers can also serve where mediation has failed.

Landlords and Tenants

Landlord and tenant law is at the foundation of many real estate transactions, including eviction, lease signing, subletting, and more. It is difficult to be a successful landlord in any situation, but familiarizing yourself with real estate law gives you firm ground to stand on should a dispute arise. A good grip on the law is important for tenants as well. 


Mortgages are liens that are put on your property by a bank or financial institution, usually in exchange for a large loan. There are several types of mortgages currently available to homeowners, and choosing the right one for your situation is one way of avoiding problems that can occur later on. Speaking to real estate lawyers is the first step to staying on top of your mortgage.

Purchase and Sale of Residence
The purchase and sale of a residence or home can be done completely on your own, but is more often executed through experienced agents. While a lawyer can make the sale of your house much easier, it also brings contracts and commissions into the mix. If you decide to sell through an agent, real estate lawyers can review your contract with them before it is signed.

Title and Boundary Disputes

Title and boundary disputes center on issues of property ownership: who owns a property and where that property’s boundaries are. Agreed boundary lawyers can assist you if the public record of your property's boundaries differs from the boundaries agreed upon with your neighbor.

Zoning, Planning, and Land Use

Zoning, planning, and land use laws give local governments control over the way that land is used-usually with the goal of creating uniform neighborhoods and areas. Zoning laws can be very complex, and many types of zoning exist to regulate building. The violation of zoning laws can be a serious (and expensive) offense, and those accused of violating zoning laws should speak with local real estate lawyers in their area.

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  1. The real estate industry is definitely a complicated one. I think it's incredible that real estate attorneys handle every aspect that you mentioned, from construction to mortgages. I also love what you said about the laws regarding tenants and landlords. Like you said, they both need representation and it seems like the attorneys are able to satisfy both their needs. Thank goodness they exist for all these reasons! Thanks for the post, Douglas!